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Miss Julia Martin 


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. The intention of this site is to tell you about the various Tribute Shows that I perform, with a little information about myself, including my aims, ambitions, aspirations, projects that I am currently working on, and new and exciting challenges that I have mapped out for the future.

I have been a professional singer for 20 years; I perform throughout the UK, Europe and around the world. I’ve entertained in world-class hotels, arenas, theatres, cruise liners and the homes of the rich and famous. The job is awesome, I get paid for doing what I enjoy the most, paying tribute to some of the world’s most celebrated female artists.

My passion is taking on the persona of other characters, to sound like them, dress like them and deliver a performance to an audience in such away that the audience feels they are watching the original performer.

I enjoy helping to raise money for charities, my youngest son Charlie is 22, and severely autistic, he is the inspiration behind much of my charity work. I am the founder and chairperson of Autism Unseen, a charity that helps young autistic individuals integrate into society, and I work with the Conflict Free Mineral Association (CFMA), to help abolish child slave labour in the DRC. I also regularly get involved in other fund raising ventures, for a number of other charitable endeavours, and just recently I completed an 80 km walk from Switzerland to France in aid of Syria Relief.

Three years ago, I decided that I wanted to take on new challenges, and to fulfil another of my childhood dreams, that of becoming a Barrister. With my children now grown up, I enrolled at the University of Hull on a 4-year joint honours degree in Law & Legislative Studies. This process of going back to being a student, albeit a mature student, changed my life completely and although I still regularly sing, I have become involved in many new and exciting projects. These include, being Law Society President, BPP Liaison Officer, and the most rewarding of all, working for a full year in the House of Lords, alongside Lord Norton of Louth.

I still have many new challenges, not least to become a Barrister, but I will never leave behind my passion to sing. Every week I shall step out onto stage, it might be Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai or somewhere in the UK, and I will continue doing what I enjoy the most  … performing, being an entertainer not just a singer, working an audience, and delivering a tribute show that makes the audience believe that they have just seen the original artist.

Love Julia x



At 5,895 m, Kilimanjaro is the largest mountain in Africa. With the help of the charity ‘Autism Unseen’ and ‘Dig Deep’ I am hoping to put together a small team of Autistic young adults and carers, to climb Kilimanjaro in August/September 2016. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these youngsters to stand on the roof of Africa, and an opportunity for them to raise funds to supply sustainable clean water to the remote villages of Kenya. Visit my Mount Kilimanjaro page for more information.

Please take the time to visit these pages, all of which contain information on events that are currently playing a very important part of my life. I am very privileged to be working in the House of Lords for Lord Norton of Louth, and I still find the time to continue to entertain around the world. I also take part raising much needed funds for a number of charitable endeavours and I have recently been appointed by the ‘Conflict Free Mineral Alliance’ to be a Political Advisor to the European Parliament. Exciting times!

In 2016, I will be the President of a brand new members only association ‘Legal Careers Plus’ designed to give law students a competitive edge in their application process to become a Lawyer or Barrister. LCP will be teaming up with some of the biggest names in the legal profession, with the sole purpose to provide essential information on a variety of topics, including CV’s, Mini Pupillage’s, Internships, Interview Techniques and how to beat Psychometric Testing, along with a whole host of other career defining guidelines.


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I will be spending a year working in the House of Lords, from October 2015 to September 2016. Working alongside Lord Norton of Louth, my duties will include the design and construction of a new Second Chamber website, and the promotion of the Second Chamber Campaign to members of the House of Lords, Parliamentary MP’s and the national press. Part of my press liaison duties will be to develop a digital brochure of political writers and editors, arrange meetings with these individuals and orchestrate positive press releases with regard the Second Chamber on a regular basis.


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Over the years, I have been involved in fundraising activities for a number of charitable endeavours. I was responsible for setting up the charity ‘Autism Unseen’, designed to raise awareness of social exclusion amongst young adults suffering from autism. I campaign to raise funds on a regular basis for this charity, autism is very close to my heart, my youngest son ‘Charlie’  is 22 years old and is severely autistic. The money raised, helps to promote the problems that these young adults live with on a daily basis, it also allows Autism Unseen to deliver a series of seminars and workshops, to the police, schools, local authorities and local businesses on how to deal with young adults who suffer from autism.

More recently I have been involved in raising money to support the charity Syria Relief and I have just completed a 80km fundraising walk from Switzerland to France, accompanied  by 9 other mums. In January, I will be starting in my new role for the Conflict Free Mineral Alliance, interviewing members of the European Union and in August / September 2016 I will be hoping to lead a team of young autistic adults with carers to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of dig deep.


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Julia Martin is one of the world’s most exceptional and uniquely talented tribute artists and her position in the tribute market is unrivalled. With over 3000 tribute performances to her name and 20 years in the business entertaining customers around the world, you can be guaranteed that Julia is more than suited to the task.

Regardless of which show she is performing Julia offers… stage presence, audience participation, stunning costume changes, vocal impressions that are spot on and a portrayal of the original artiste that is second to none. Julia’s dedication and attention to detail for each artiste she portrays is what makes her shows so special and her amazing ability to mimic both the voice and movements would leave you thinking that you had seen the original artiste. Such is the vocal quality of Julia’s shows that guests often ask if Julia mimes, a compliment indeed considering that all of Julia’s vocals are 100% live.

Please check out Julia’s tribute page to experience the accuracy and wow factor surrounding Julia’s superb tribute shows and find out why clients are prepared to fly Julia around the globe to entertain for some of the world’s most prestigious clients.


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Our ability to communicate is extraordinary, but we have a problem with this, because all of these electronic devices, that allow us to do, what we do, come with a price. That price is conflict minerals, natural resources that are are mined under conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses. With an abundance of these minerals, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), situated in central Africa, should be prosperous; it is one of the richest countries on the planet in terms of natural resources, yet remains one of the poorest by economic standards.  These minerals are often referred to as 3TG, the name for Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten and Gold, which are used in our laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Mining is critical to provide a livelihood for the Congolese people and it is essential that the mining of these minerals remain in the DRC. Unfortunately the Congolese people do not currently benefit from this abundance of riches. The working conditions are poor, with extreme heat, humidity and low oxygen. Miners extract the ore with hammers and chisels in extremely confined spaces and often it is only children that fit in the tightest of these spaces. Children are not only used for working in the mines, they are also conscripted into the rebel army, and become child soldiers, tasked with guarding the mines.

On the 20th May 2015, the European Parliament voted for a mandatory compliance and system of ‘Due Diligence’ in order to stop the import of ‘Conflict Minerals’. The Conflict Free Mineral Alliance was established to help promote this Due Diligence procedure, to provide an established ‘Kite Mark’ and to encourage UK MEP’s to work alongside other European Union States to bring about an end to this trade in conflict minerals. My role within the CFMA is to create an awareness of the conflict mineral problem amongst MEP’s,  MP’s and members of the House of Lords and discuss the merits of joining the CFMA and being part of CFMA’s ‘We said Yes to Conflict-Free Technology’ campaign.


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In 2016, I will become the President of a brand new members only association called ‘Legal Careers Plus’, designed to provide the competitive edge in the application process to becoming a Lawyer or Barrister. During my time as President of the University of Hull Law Society and in my capacity of working alongside BPP in the role of Liaison Officer, I was fortunate enough to be in a position to draw upon the knowledge and expertise of many businesses within the UK legal profession.

LCP will be teaming up with some of the biggest legal names in the UK, with the sole purpose to provide essential information on a variety of topics, including CV’s, Mini Pupillage’s, Internships, Interview Techniques and how to beat Psychometric Testing, along with a whole host of other career defining guidelines.

LCP will become a benchmark that legal students can rely upon to help steer them in the right direction, an association that offers fun and friendship, mixed with great socials, seminars, guest speakers, workshops and career defining inspiration.